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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Your Office to a New Location

Moving can be stressful. Moving an entire office can be even more stressful. You should be hopeful and look toward to the future when moving. The reality is that plenty of business owners make big mistakes when they change offices spaces. These mistakes can leave a business in complete chaos. Per these office movers in Dallas, here are the top five mistakes that should be avoided.


1. Forgetting to Forward Your Mail

With so much going on and so many small things to check off the list, the bigger responsibilities can go unattended to. Your mail is one of those responsibilities. Your mail is your business’s lifeline. Even in the digital world we still need mail services. Whether it is to receive payroll checks or to get the incoming invoices, a simple visit to the post office can make or break an office when it is changing locations.

2. Not Letting Customers Know You Are Moving

Along with forwarding your mail, you have to make sure your customers will be able to find you. This can be achieved by sending out an email, mailing out a postcard, or even hanging a sign on the door before you move. That last one is important. Customers need to know you are relocating before the relocation.

3. Not Picking The Right Location

The move to a new location was needed for some reason or the other. It could be that you are expanding office space due to new hires. It could be that you are downsizing. No matter the reason, picking the right location for your needs is imperative. It defeats the point of moving your operations to a new location only to find that the new location has some of the same problems as the last.

4. Double Checking Utility Services

This one can easily be overlooked. It would be a shame to find that perfect location off of the main street and not be able to transfer your internet provider. Utilities can be tricky. It is completely possible for a utility company to service one side of the road and not the other. Please double check that everything can be transferred to that location before you move in.

5. Waiting Until The Last Minute to Pack

The panic of packing at the last minute is a horror show that you don’t want tickets to. Not preparing for the move is a bad idea. Things will get lost. People will get confused. There will be headaches. You don’t want headaches. Take the proper amount of time to prepare. This may be weeks before the move date. Label everything that has to go. Clean up and consolidate paperwork. Check and double check all areas of the office to ensure that the move will be as smooth as possible.


The important part about relocating to a new office space is to stay as stress-free as possible. Make a checklist and stick to it. The move (if done right) can be the best outcome for your office or a nightmare. The best way to prevent the latter is to avoid making huge mistakes when moving.